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This project is a part of Enligsh. I separated each letters of an English word and rearranged them into a square structure. The order of letters is based on left-right and up-down which is the parameter I set for this work, thus they are not completely disorganized.


  • Visual Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Software Developer


Side by side

A letter can be placed at the right side of its previous letter

Up and Bottom

A letter can be placed at the bottom of its previous letter


1 Letter

1 Combination


2 Letters

2 Combinations


3 Letters

4 Combinations

Requirement of this project

Yoko Ono asked her audience to create short films based on a set of her instructions. Su Friedrich utilized the alphabet as an organizing measure for her film Sink or Swim. John Cage created 4’ 33” based on just over four and a half minutes of silence. Golan Levin and his collaborators produced “Dialtones: A Telesymphony” by making use of the audience’s cell phones. Martin Creed created an installation, which put half the air in the room inside balloons, and Danica Phelps makes drawings, which chart how she spends her time and money.

Your task is to create a project around a given set of parameters. We are always to some degree limited by the tools and functions available in our software applications, but for this project, I would like you to put forth an organizing structure for yourself. Give yourself a set of parameters to work within. This might be a fixed amount of found material, a literary device, a categorizing method…




Langages lunguges languages luaguges laungauges lungags langggggggggues


Dman Nwe Langages


powerRangers! Sibilant Onomatopoeia


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Seems like some new language!


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Mackey says

back up your precious files every day twice


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Cool! Tweet & observe

Li Zheng, 1st semester student @DDAPratt


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